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Loan limits increased to $1.5M.
Now accepting DU and LPA loans. 

Expand and simplify your business with Jumbo express loans.

MAXEX’s Jumbo Express loan program (formerly known as Express USA) enables originators to expand and grow their Jumbo business while reducing the complexity of manually-underwritten loans. MAXEX provides the pathway to fast, consistent liquidity from leading institutional investors while leveraging your existing agency underwriting infrastructure.

Leverage DU and LPA

Our Jumbo Express program enables originators to expand your business by leveraging findings from Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) and Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector AdvisorSM (LPASM) underwriting systems.

Higher loan limits anywhere you serve

Leverage this unique program across a broad portfolio of loans. MAXEX’s Jumbo Express guidelines include loan amounts from $510,401 - $1,500,000 for transactions that are DU Approve / Ineligible or LPA Accept / Ineligible for loan size only. The program is designed for primary and second homes and includes purchase, rate and term, and cash-out refinance transactions.

The same great MAXEX benefits

MAXEX is the first and only digital exchange for buying and selling residential loans through a single, trusted clearinghouse. More than 100 sellers have locked approximately $8 billion in loans with leading institutional investors, money center banks, REITs and insurance companies. We bring growth and stability to the private secondary market through fast, consistent liquidity, competitive pricing and better execution.

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